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DENBA+ Benefiting
Storage & Distribution


The DENBA technology was embedded into the wall to successfully uniformize the temperature and humidity in the warehouse.

Because the temperature is uniform, the refrigerator can be stored under freezing without freezing.

The unique DENBA warehouse can also be combined with IOT technology to manage all the warehouses around the world online.

DENBA has built a unique smart cold chain.

Through the cold chain temperature control system, the GPS system that manages the position of the vehicle tire chain, the standardized driving management of the driver, and the management of the condition of fresh ingredients, it supports customers' food safety and provides customers with the freshest and safest food quality.


In order to ensure the freshness and quality of raw materials in the distribution process, the production source, distribution and warehouse sales are also very important. In order to reduce losses in circulation and ensure sales prices for sellers and producers, we have also participated in the challenges of the food logistics industry.

DENBA + water molecule activation preservation technology can be applied to refrigerated trucks in the logistics industry. Customers can solve these problems and increase the overall value of the cold chain.


With the upgrading of industry and consumption, people pay more and more attention to the safety of food. There is an increasing demand for fresh, non-additive, high-quality ingredients. Through the revolutionary DENBA fresh storage and cold chain transportation solutions, a full-chain cold chain freshness solution can be formed from the front to the end to meet people's needs for fresh ingredients.

The revolutionary DENBA cold chain system makes foods no longer rely on chemical means to achieve safer and safer preservation. At the same time, it can also improve the efficiency of existing refrigerated transportation and reduce energy consumption.

Trucks equipped with DENBA technology can transport food farther than traditional refrigerated trucks. And, you can get power from a household power source. It can be seen that in this way, the vehicle battery is used as power, which consumes less power than the refrigeration equipment of a traditional refrigerated truck, which can reduce fuel consumption.


What could  DENBA+ do for your Supply Chain?

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