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DENBA+ Preserve


By reducing the loss rates we keep food delicious.

Key Characteristics

Because it does not freeze, When cooking food the taste is enhanced!

Inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, reduce reproduction rate to 1/30 *

Activate the cells of the ingredients and keep the food fresh!

DENBA+ Flowers 3.png

*Compared with ordinary refrigerators / Test results from the Japan Food Analysis Centre of Japan In addition, water molecules will not "solidify" (that is, freeze), and the environment of electrostatic waves can prevent food from oxidising and inhibit bacteria. DENBA + uses this technology to achieve the preservation and ripening of food ingredients.

DENBA+ Flowers 1.png
DENBA + Principle of Freezing under Freezing Point

DENBA + 's original technology can create static waves in the refrigerator. Due to the influence of the small electronic vibration, it will not freeze even between 0 ° C and -4 ° C.Frozen, creating an ice-cooled non-freezing refrigerated environment. The environment using electrostatic waves not only greatly reduces the rate of food oxidation, but also plays a role in inhibiting bacteria. With DENBA +, ingredients can remain in a fresh environment for longer.

Use DENBA technology to preserve freshness
Beef Comparison - 10 Days.jpeg

Beef refrigerated for 10 days

Freshness experiments were performed using beef. Beef kept refrigerated under normal circumstances has begun to change color and produce a rancid odor. The DENBA + refrigerated beef is obviously not only not discolored, but also completely preserved the original freshness.

Apples stored for more than 4 months

An experiment comparing apple freshness. Apples that have been refrigerated in the normal environment have lost moisture and have obvious rot. Apples saved with DENBA + are completely okay and can still be eaten.

Apple Comparison - 4 Months.jpeg
03 DENBA + New cold chain transportation
Waves in Cold Store.jpeg

Using DENBA + 's expertise for long-distance and overseas transportation,Through DENBA technology, it makes impossible impossible through time and distance.

DENBA new generation cold chain

Citrus Fruits

DENBA+ Effect and Features

Prevent blood and water loss
Increases the value of all produce
Freshness preserved even after thawing
Preserves even the most delicate of processed food
Suitable for flowers and plants to extend life
Meat Preservation (2 weeks)
  • Comparative tests performed on beef.

  • Under normal refrigerated circumstances Beef begins to change colour and omits a rancid odour.

  • With DENBA + refrigeration, beef maintains colour and also has preserved the original freshness.

Comparison Data, Beef - 2 Weeks.jpeg
Comparison Data, Tuna - 2 weeks.jpeg
Fish Preservation (2 weeks)
  • Tuna, with the same comparison, which is typically difficult to preserve.

  • In normal refrigerated environment has changed colour and blood and water flow is obvious.

  • Tuna preserved with DENBA + holds original bright red colour with almost no blood or fluid loss.

Vegetable Preservation (2 weeks)
  • Lettuce cut in half and separated for comparison.

  • Under normal refrigeration the cross section of the lettuce has been oxidised and discoloured, and the water loss is significant.

  • The lettuce preserved with DENBA + is still fresh when it is just cut.

Comparison Data, Lettuce - 2 weeks.jpeg
Comparison Data, Grapes - 2 weeks.jpeg
Fruit Preservation (2 weeks)
  • Comparisons were performed on grapes.

  • Grapes kept refrigerated in normal conditions have evaporated, and the grapes fall from the stems.

  • Those preserved with DENBA+, have hoar frost (white that adheres to the skin and prevents water evaporation), grapes are still intact and the freshness is maintained.

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