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CHIQ, China's largest refrigerator manufacturer launches New Range with DENBA+ Technology

We have started selling a new type of household refrigerator, which was jointly developed with a major Chinese home appliance manufacturer [Hefei Meiling Co., Ltd.] (hereinafter, Meiling Group) and equipped with our product, a freshness preservation device [DENBA +] from November 1st. The brand name is CHIQ M Fresh.

In order to compare the freshness retention, we prepared a CHIQ M Fresh refrigerator and a normal refrigerator, sealed the door of the refrigerator with tape, and conducted a 24-hour live broadcast. Seventeen days later, on November 1, the two refrigerators were opened to compare the freshness of the ingredients.

At 19:00 on November 1st, Japan time, we held a relatively rare audio-visual meeting and broadcast it live on the Internet at the same time, with an audience of 30 million people in 5 hours. The comparison items include roses, beef, chicken, spinach, and salmon. The ingredients stored in the normal refrigerator have deteriorated, while the ingredients stored in the CHIQ M Fresh refrigerator are completely fresh.

Until now, the Meiling Group's customer base has mainly been concentrated in China, but from this year, we will aggressively promote our global strategy.

Over the past five years, overseas sales have grown at a high rate of approximately 30% per year, and the emergence of domestic demand for renewal and expansion of overseas sales have brought tremendous growth to Meiling Group.

It is expected that by 2020, the sales growth of new refrigerators equipped with DENBA technology will make a significant contribution to doubling the total sales and assets of the Meiling Group.

We plan to provide our device for commercial and household refrigerator manufacturers worldwide by 2022, with a target of 20 million units.

Introduction to DENBA technology

Our unique water molecule activation technology activates cells of ingredients and plants from the atomic level to reduce oxidation and maintain freshness with high quality.

We have successfully developed the world's first module, and the effectiveness and safety of being mounted on existing refrigerators have also been certified.

Currently, it is sold in countries around the world such as China, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, and Europe, and it is used in various places such as commercial refrigerators, fishing boats, freezers/refrigerators, and prefabricated warehouses.


Japanese Patent No. 5683032 No. 5974377

Chinese Patent No. 1924981

Taiwan Patent No. 1568395

Korean Patent No. 10-2015-7011855

U.S. Patent No. 9681677

International Patent PCT / JP2014 / 80512

Applying in other 15 countries

Hefei Meiling Co., Ltd.

Date of establishment: November 18, 1996

Registered capital: 1044597,881000 RMB

Legal representative: Li Wei

Company Type: Co., Ltd. (a joint venture company with Taiwan, HongKong, and Macau, which has been listed)

Company Address: No. 2163, Lianhua Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province

Business Scope: Refrigeration equipment, air conditioners, washing machines, computer numerical control injection molding machines, smart water heaters, plastic products, packaging and accessories manufacturing, production and technology export-related auxiliary materials, machinery equipment, machinery and technology import business, department store sales management.

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